Innovation, organization & Legal Tech

You shape the law. Do shape the development in context of technology, too. Changes will come. We can resign. Or we can use transformation processes to shape our work environment in a way suiting us even better. At the same time and with similar effort, we will be able to deliver results quicker and better. That will bring us more time to focus on what really matters: the strategy and personally consulting clients.

Long years of training have made us lawyers and jurists generally see the risiks in every situation. A colleague from business once named us “professional naysayers” (just for avoidance of doubt: he liked collaborating with us). While that statement is probably not a comprehensive account of us, it still has a true core. We have been educated and conditioned to see risk and potential issues early–and that’s good as it is. For innovation and change, however, we do need to add another perspective. The right formats and methodologies will help to merge it with our experience. In that regard, I can offer you:

  • Consulting regarding data-driven law
  • Consulting regarding the setup of legal operation (Legal Ops)
  • Legal risk management setup, for example regarding contracts
  • Keynotes about Legal Technology and the development of the legal profession
  • Innovation and strategy workshops
  • Workshops to analyze the status quo and target setting
  • Project planning
  • Project implementation management