About me

Baltasar Cevc,
lawyer (German Rechtsanwalt),
IT expert

[image of Baltasar Cevc]I am member of the bar in Germany since 2010 and active with major interest in IT/IP law, competition law and product compliance as well as general commercial. Before my career as  a lawyer, I have been employed as IT specialist in an online and multimedia advertising agency (besides my studies). Hence, I unite two backgrounds and qualifications and can evaluate the IT from a lawyers perspective. Furthermore, I can rely on training experience gained during many years.

LegalTech and Innovation

After many years of work as legal counsel within companies during which I have followed and applied the technical development in singular side projects, I focus a majority of my time to Legal Tech and Innovation as of 2016. Together with my business partner, I have founded a business for software development and consulting in the field of Compliance. Regularly, I take part in renowned conferences at the intersection of law and technology, for example the ICAIL (International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Law) and the legal informatics conferene IRIS (Internationales Rechtsinformatik-Symposium).

Further interest

Especially innovation and transformation processes vitally need external impulses. Exactly for that reason, I am keen to connecting with other professions but also give something back to society. Because of that I pursue pro bono activities in different settings, such as, for example in the Café Asyl Erlangen (a meeting place for locals, asylum seekers and other migrants), as a core team member of the Nuremberg citizen initiative regarding the European Capital of Culture application, #NUE2025, and as a board member of the open source, innovation and digitization network open Business Innovation Technology – openBIT e.V., together with which I have started the local Legal Tech & Innovation network. Furthermore, I am co-initiator and co-organizer of the regional corporate counsel network “Syndikus-Kreis Franken/Nordbayern”.

Social Media

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Insofar necessary, we can rely on my extensive network of experts from a diverse set of disciplines.